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Date: September 17-21: Come One Day, Come All.
Place: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hotel: Drury Inn, 8155 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: 719-598-2500 (direct to hotel) or 1-877-318-3357
Web Assistance: 1-888-324-1861

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It’s never easy to leave a job, especially when a job involves working for the many wonderful people in the Short Wing Piper Club. However, two weeks ago I submitted notice of my resignation to SWPC president, Constance Stevens. I am leaving my position as Website Content Manager to move on with my other business ventures and volunteer opportunities. I will also be passing off my admin duties on the SWPC Facebook page. My last day as Website Content Manager is Sunday, December 15, 2013.

There is no ideal time to pass off a project of this magnitude, however, I feel that this is as good of a time as any since the website is running well and everything is set and ready to go to a new Website Content Manager.

Coming to the decision has been a difficult one for me as I put many hundreds of hours into building and maintaining the Short Wing Piper Club’s website and have put my heart and soul into promoting the club. I am proud of the work I have accomplished and the professional website the Club now has.

I don’t know who is going to take over managing the website or how quickly someone will be hired or appointed but I do believe Eleanor Mills will be posting some Chapter News. As with any transition, I expect there will be some frustrations so please be patient as things get figured out.

I’ve really enjoyed serving the SWPC membership and all of the guests to our SWPC Website. Thanks for supporting me.

If you want to contact me, please use my personal email address: myrnacg@integra.net.

Here’s some news from Northeast Chapter president, Andy Seligson. Andy also included an ad featuring a Piper Tri-Pacer from back in 1954. It’s fun to look back at these old Short Wing ads and read how much fuel cost in 1954!

Here’s a sentence from the ad that sums up why we still like Short Wing Pipers today, “Economy is just one reason you’ll pick Piper.  Performance, flying ease and comfort will please you too.” 

Here’s the news from the Northeast Chapter.

As we get our shovels, snow blowers, and holliday shopping in order, we await another blast of winter. Tomorrow certainly doesn’t look like a day to fly and Sunday doesn’t look much better. As in several years past, we’ll have to revive the holliday spirit of our “holliday fly-in” in January. Let’s plan on Saturday Jan. 25th with Sunday the 26th the alternate, to Kozel’s at the south west end of Columbia County airport (1B1) in Hudson, N.Y. I hope all is well with you and your family and that you have a great holliday season with best wishes for the new year. As you clean up the predicted mess from this storm, contemplate the ad in the attachment I have from a 1954 ad in Flying Magazine. Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year. I hope to see you in January at Kozel’s – Andy

Click  to view the ad in a new window.

Pick Piper Ad

Here’s the November 2013 Newsletter from the Mid-America Chapter of the SWPC. The Mid-America SWPC Chapter covers Kansas and western Missouri.

Click  to download the PDF or click on the image below.

Dan Miller, Mid-America Chapter Newsletter Editor, sent in a bonus newsletter for us this month. It’s a Mid-America SWPC Chapter newsletter from back in 1992 that was typed up by the late Steve Marsh.

Of course, the news is old news but it’s fun to take a look back in time and see what was happening in our SWPC just over a decade ago – and it’s fun to see a typed newsletter instead of a word processed one and the effort Steve put into it by adding pictures and puzzles!


or click on the image below



June 22 – 27, 2014

Our West Coast Adventure convention hotel, the , has special rates for attendees of the 2014 SWPC Convention.

Rates for SWPC Members

  • 1 King or 2 Queen Beds: $99.00 (plus tax) per night
  • Add breakfast for two and the rate is $114.00 (plus tax) per night
  • Suites are available for an additional $40.00 per night

If you would like to extend your stay at the Radisson, the same rates are available.

To reserve a room with our SWPC Rate

  1. Call the hotels friendly local reservations staff at 805-928-8000
  2. Call Radisson’s National toll free reservation line at 800-333-3333
  3. Reserve a room online at

When making a reservation mention “SW2014″ as the Promotion Code

Questions or concerns? Please contact NorCal Committee Co-Director, Lou Reinkens by phone: 503-525-5273 or email: 

June 22 – 27, 2014

From the NorCal Convention Committee
also published in the Jan-Feb-March issue of the

Currently, eight aviation speakers are planned to address SWPC Members and guests at our Santa Maria Convention. Topics promise a wonderful adventure for all. Presentations will be in the Radisson Hotel and/or on the Ramp. Updated agendas will be available online at the SWPC Website and at registration.

Programs are planned to begin on Sunday afternoon, June 22, and end on Friday Morning, June 27, 2014.

Sunday begins with Young Eagle Flights sponsored by the Lompoc EAA Chapter, coordinated by EAA and SWPC Member Ed Mandibles. This event features the first collaborative educational effort with Short Wing Piper flights and EAA Young Eagles. Participate from 10 am to 2 pm and see how easy it is to coordinate Young Eagles with SWPs. Take this knowledge and effort home with you and get those SWPs out there and flying kids across this great country and please keep score! Collecting data may bring additional grant monies into our Education Foundation and students, too. And your Young Eagle may be back in a few years to help with another SWPC Convention ….

Sunday afternoon presents Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) President, John McKenna, Jr. He and the RAF are devoted to saving airstrips on public and private lands. John plans an overview of RAF’s operations, a progressive status report, and hopes for the future of forgotten airstrips.

Monday holds an exciting and informative afternoon Vendor Presentation & Workshop by Jeppesen regarding “I-Pad Use and Flight Planning Applications.” This workshop promises to challenge even the most fluent of iPad users with the latest aviation Apps available while calming the new user with the ease of introductions. This is a hands-on workshop using their recently announced VFR Flight Planning system. Fun!

Tuesday opens with a 0900 Topic of “Oh S_ _ T, Now What?” Presented by Ed Mandibles, local PA-22 owner/pilot and SWPC NorCal Chapter Member. This topic will cover those moments we have all experienced – at least once. Ed will begin with his Tri-Pacer’s altitude duel with a P3 on long approach to VAFB descending over Lompoc. Your experiences are encouraged for all to listen and learn about those unmentionables that may have happened, hypothetically speaking. Following Ed is the SWPC Tech Committee in Panel format leading Tuesday’s second Program, Hangar Talk. This is your opportunity to bring it on! Your Tech Committee will field your maintenance and repair concerns from one to another as the questions are tossed about and discussion presents a resolve.

Wednesday greets two more Tech Programs: Clyde Smith’s Short Wing Piper Rigging and Jim McCloud’s “How To … with Short Wing Piper Floats.” Clyde will present relative rigging information and then, step out onto the Ramp to give interested attendees an evaluation of their SWP’s rigging. You will come away with Clyde’s “5-minute Inspection” that will assist in your future rigging evaluations. Then, Jim will be sharing his PA-22/20 on Floats experiences and the joy of Splashing puddles. He may have you considering the Float alternative.

Thursday’s first program is planned with Mike Busch, a writer for EAA Sport Aviation. Mike will take us into the magneto world: how to check for acceptable contact, problems and performance expectations. Then, out onto the Ramp we will go to review a hands-on activity for checking magnetos and their readiness to perform. Our evening Banquet guest and Jeppesen sponsored speaker is Brian Shul, former Sled Driver, current professional photographer, and a forever survivor. Buckle up as Brian takes you into the cockpit of the SR-71 and shows you the sights that only astronauts enjoy. His published books will also be available for purchase and signing following his presentation.

Friday requests the pleasure of your company at our breakfast meeting. Evaluating this convention and discussing what you would like to see and experience in Branson MO 2015 is the goal. Your assistance will help your Club to develop our Annual Meetings into what you prefer. We want to see you every year. This is our Reunion. Let us know how we can keep you coming back.

There will be a survey distributed at the Banquet. Please, complete it with your comments and suggestions. On Friday morning we will begin with those results.

The Florida Chapter of the SWPC has an event coming up this Saturday, December 7, 2013 at Eagle Lake Diner in Eagle Lake, Florida.

If you happen to be in the area, check out the details on the event and fly or drive on over to join them.

To download the event flyer with more information, click or on the image below.